There’s Something About Ann…

Ann is a TOSA in Fullerton, CA. Passionate about education technology. She enjoys helping others learn how to integrate tech to transform teaching and learning. Ann is an Apple Distinguished Educator; Leading Edge Certified Professional Learning Leader; CUE Rockstar Lead Learner; and a PicCollage, Seesaw, Flipgrid and Book Creator Ambassador. Ann plays to learn. Connect with her at @annkozma723.

What’s exciting?

Ann is excited about the opportunities available to our students to share their stories to authentic audiences.

What is Ann “CUE-d Up” to do this year?

Ann is CUE-d up to go on a Curiosity Voyage, to learn more about computer science.

What’s one tip Ann has for viewers?

Ann advises other educators that we don’t have to have all the answers and do “all the things,” but be open to exploring.

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