There’s Something About Doug…

By day, Doug is an elementary school teacher known on the internet as The Weird Teacher, which also happens to be his twitter handle (@TheWeirdTeacher). By afternoon and weekend, he is a husband to a loving and patient wife and father to two adorable and moderately insane Weirdlings. There’s also a dog who will hang out with him if the other three are away. And by night he is an author, having written three books about education- He’s the Weird Teacher, THE Teaching Text (You’re Welcome), and A Classroom of One, and one novel – The Unforgiving Road.

He currently resides in the Portland area and rides a 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner named Ms. Riley. He feels compelled to mention both that and that he’s been riding since 2003 lest anyone think he wrote a novel entirely about motorcycles without actually riding one. He rides every day he possibly can. Riding is the best way to get anywhere. If you meet him and ask if he wants to go for a ride he’ll tell you he needs to ask his wife and then he’ll go.

What’s exciting?

The range of options available to us in education facilitated by technolog.y

What is Doug “CUE-d Up” to do this year?

Start a Lego League at his school.

What’s one tip Doug has for viewers?

Our job is serious, but we don’t always have to be.

Doug’s Books

He’s the Weird Teacher

THE Teaching Text (You’re Welcome)

A Classroom of One

The Unforgiving Road

Resources Mentioned

Lego League: FIRST LEGO League challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers.

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