The CUE Board is pleased to announce that long-time CUE consultant Mary Kopp is joining the CUE staff with the title of Senior Program Manager. For nearly half a decade, Mary has been working behind the scenes at CUE, doing incredibly important work, coordinating critical functions like CUE board nominations and elections, managing logistics and materials for CUE board meetings, CUE’s awards program, interfacing with CUE’s legal team and maintaining the CUE bylaws as well as managing popular events like the CUE Leadership Development Institute and SuperCUE. Mary also works very closely with CUE’s Legislative Advocacy Committee and is an integral part of the Fall and Spring CUE conference planning teams. 

Mary was doing all that as a 20 hour-a-week consultant.

With this change, Mary will be increasing her commitment to CUE to 30 hours-per-week, bringing her world-class skills at a time when CUE is experiencing significant growth in many areas.

Jon Corippo, CUE’s Interim Executive Director, shares:

Mary Kopp is a major player in the CUE backend services that allow us to take care of the needs of almost 19,000 members in California and Nevada – without her tireless efforts, we’d be far less effective.

Mary has a wide and varied experience with nonprofits, currently working as an independent consultant to the LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investment, a funder collaborative working on behalf of infants and toddlers in Los Angeles County, and the Hope and Heal Fund, a fund to stop gun violence in California, in addition to CUE.

Prior to her work in nonprofits, Mary spent many years immersed in the world of technology, producing interactive media projects for Philips Media and the Walt Disney Company. In the late 1980s, she was a tech pioneer, working on the build-out of TECH 2000 in Washington, DC, the world’s first gallery of interactive media, showcasing over $2MM in contributions from leading technology companies of the time, including Apple, Sony, and IBM.

Mary lives in Los Angeles, with her husband, Dennis, and daughter, Emily. She spends time volunteering with a canine therapy program for at-risk foster teens and serves on the parent board at Alexander Hamilton Senior High School.

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