Summer is officially here and the coming of July signifies a new calendar year for many of the local CUE affiliates. With the ringing in of a new year, many affiliates also elect or re-elect officers to serve their affiliate in extended roles, including those of President, Vice President, Secretary, Events Director, and Communications Director.

This summer, many of the affiliates welcome new leadership, as current Presidents move on or take other roles within their affiliate.

Some of the new changes among the local affiliates include the following:

San Gabriel Valley CUE (SGVCUE):
Incoming President: April Buege
Outgoing President: David Platt
David will continue on the board as a Member at Large.

Central Valley CUE (CVCUE):
Incoming President: Susan Stewart
Outgoing President: Ed Campos

Imperial Valley CUE (IVCUE):
Incoming President: Norma Gamez
Outgoing President: Ascencion Reyes

Kern CUE:
Incoming President: Sarah Camp
Outgoing President: Susan Denton
Susan will continue on the board as Secretary.

Monterey Bay CUE (MBCUE):
Incoming President: Jen Rodgers
Outgoing President: Ben Cogswell
Ben is will continue on the board as an Events Chair.

North State CUE (NSCUE):
Incoming President: Liza Butler
Outgoing President: Darren Massa

Orange County CUE (OCCUE):
Incoming President: Kimberly Voge
Outgoing President: Omar Shepherd
Omar will continue on the board as Vice President.

Outgoing SGVCUE President, David Platt

Outgoing SGVCUE President, David Platt, has served his local affiliate since 2013 and has played many roles within SGVCUE. Platt stated he joined SGVCUE “to connect local teachers with CUE and the Affiliate so they can be exposed to technology in education and excellent pedagogical practices. It was also a great way to network and connect with educators throughout California, Nevada, and throughout the world.”

Platt is very much a “proud papa” of the many things SGVCUE has accomplished over the last few years.

“We have an excellent board with many talented individuals. We have grown in membership and in the offerings for our SGVCUE members, both for the Coffee Breaks and the annual technology conference in October,” Platt states. “We have many successful Coffee Break events throughout the year that connect local teachers with great practices, tools, and ideas and have added five Coffee Breaks to our annual calendar.”

Most notably on their list of accomplishments is SGVCUE’s annual Innovation Celebration. Platt states, “The annual event has continued to grow in attendance with attendance exceeding 700 people. The keynotes have been local, California-wide, and national presenters such as Jon Corippo, Ann Kozma, Ben Cogswell, Brian Briggs, Ryan O’Donnell, Matt Miller, and Randall Sampson. For the annual event, we have also been able to connect with local businesses to sponsor not only the event but to provide funds for annual scholarships to our teachers to make their ideas for their classrooms come true. We are solvent and have funds that allow us to provide and give back to the community that continues to invest and support us in our work.”

SGVCUE Board at CUE’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) 2019

Jen Rodgers, incoming President for MBCUE, is just as excited as Platt is about the work they are doing up in the Monterey Bay area. Rodgers, who has served on the board for four years and held their Events Coordinator & Film Festival Chair positions just as long, is committed to bringing the CUE mission to her local area.

Incoming MBCUE President, Jen Rodgers

Rodgers recollected why she initially got involved with CUE. “I decided to run for MBCUE in 2017 because I wanted to be involved in the forward motion of CUE and bring more innovation to our area. If I can help bring more local educators into CUE and have it change their approach to education to best support students, then it’s completely worth it!”

Rodgers acknowledges the success of their affiliate has everything to do with the team behind MBCUE.

“Our affiliate is small but mighty! I hope to grow our affiliate, not just in numbers but also in participation and build collaboration across the three counties we serve. I’m incredibly lucky and blessed to work with such an amazing team of inspiring educators that make up our Board of Directors. There’s nothing they can’t accomplish and I hope to be able to do them justice! As a team, we have had a lot of momentum in the past four years, and it is my honor to continue leading that charge.”

MBCUE’s Board preparing for their annual student film festival, pre-COVID

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About Kristin Oropeza
Kristin is a full-time special education teacher, contract consultant, and educational content writer. She is a Google Certified Teacher (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Trainer, and MIE Expert for 2020-2021.

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