Imagine classrooms where the barriers of curriculum and textbooks are minimized in order to maximize learning for all

CUE Craft LogoPersonalized lessons developed with #OpenPedagogyare built to be engaging, edtech infused learning experiences that create greater work efficiency for teachers and can improve student learning outcomes.

CUE Craft BadgeCUE Craft features instructional frameworks that allow for student choice, stimulate higher order thinking skills, and scaffold the development of students’ future ready skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills. Students who consistently use CUE Craft protocols are also better able to master the content than with typical classroom practices. Other benefits for students include enhanced motivation, autonomy, and ability to self-regulate their learning.

Classroom instructors can integrate autonomy, choice, and motivation in a whole new way.

CUE Craft Protocols:

  • Are effective at any grade level
  • Cross all curricular areas
  • Infuse technology
  • Invite low-tech integration, paper-friendly
  • Universal Design Learning aligned
  • Maximize  teacher independence from the lecture/textbook model
  • Are ideal for 1:1 efficacy
  • Are  platform agnostic – use with any student device (or paper!!)

CUECraft + T3
Multi-Year Transformation

CUE Craft and Sonny Magana’s three-year engagement includes eleven PD events. Dr. Magana will kick things off with a day for district leadership to explain the power of adopting the T3 Transformation framework, followed by nine days of PD for multiple cohorts of teachers who will be trained in the CUE Craft Protocols, supported in the rollout of protocols.

The CUE Craft Multi-Year Transformation Plan is designed to transform a core group of educators in a given population that can create affordable, sustainable transformative change.

This program costs about the same as 190 textbooks.

For school districts or schools looking to replace expensive corporately designed materials with the craft of teaching, there is no more effective combination than CUE Craft and Dr. Sonny Magana’s T3 framework. The CUE Craft Multi-Year Transformation Plan is designed to transform a core group of educators in a given population that can create affordable, sustainable transformative change. The CUE CRAFT/T3 three-year engagement includes a longitudinal study by Dr. Magana, THREE full-day events lead by Dr. Magana, and EIGHT days of CUE Craft Sessions (customizable for grade ranges and content areas), culminating in educators that have mastered multiple CUE Craft protocols and a public event of their transformational success. These educators will form the leadership core that can then transform any size district. This program costs about the same as 180 textbooks.

Benefits for Students

  • Empowering
    — lots of choice
  • Personalized
  • Future-ready
  • Collaborative
  • Creative

Benefits for Teachers

  • Saves time on assessment
  • Flexible to meet many instructional levels at once
  • Driven by student and instructor interests rather than a prescribed curriculum
  • Low and High Tech options

Benefits for Administrators

  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Empowers communities to make it their own
  • Scalable — start with classrooms that are ready and move at the right-fit pace for your team

Some CUE Craft Protocols your teachers can learn in one day of professional development:

The CyberSandwich

A tech-infused twist on the classic Think-Pair-Share with boosted academic output. Easy to learn and easier to lead.

The Fast and The Curious

Use free tools like Quizizz, Socrative and Formative to eliminate the need to assign packets, correct and collect packets and allow teachers to give instant feedback to students daily.

Iron Chef

A tech-friendly twist on the classic jigsaw lesson using slides (Apple, Google or MS) and a quick build format (like the show) to minimize lecture and develop student use of the 4Cs and rapidly develop their oral/speaking/listening skills.

Math Reps

Instead of having students work on one concept a week, Math Reps combines clusters of skills so that students do 8-10 skills for several weeks – building automaticity and confidence at a blistering pace.

8 parts and Sentence parts

Imagine teaching all the standards students need for the first semester with TWO graphic organizers. The power is in the fact that kids will use 10-20 standards per day to plan, compose and execute a paragraph daily until mastery. Because of their UDL-friendly design, these two protocols are highly engaging for all students regardless of their skill level or language proficiency

3 Act Math

The best way to instill the 8 Mathematical Practices and also prepare your students for challenging performance tasks. Here’s a wonderful set of high quality 3 Act Math Lessons, Common Core aligned, from Kyle Pearce (@mathletepearce)

High-Value Option: Train your TOSA, Instructional Coaches, and highly-skilled staff first and then let them use #Openpedagogy to flip the rest of your district!

The protocols are like project workflows that achieve efficiency with customizable templates and are tightly aligned with UDL principles to support all learners. Scaffolding with a gradual release is emphasized through the iterative use of protocols. Protocols can be used in nearly all academic subjects and grade levels.

The mock classroom environment includes inquiry-based learning with lesson deconstruction talks; demonstrations of instructional strategies for creating edtech enriched and engaging.