This year’s Spring CUE conference is bringing attendees and presenters together from across the United States together.

Jorge Robert Valenzuela, an education coach with Lifelong Learning Defined and author, hails from Virginia and is one of many “new to CUE” presenters at this year’s conference. He’s spent the last 17 years in education and is looking forward to attending this year’s event – something he admits would have been more challenging had he been commuting from the East Coast!

Valenzuela states this of his upcoming Spring CUE session, “Not all educators teach in districts where training is readily available in SEL and corresponding topics such as restorative justice, trauma-informed teaching, and culturally responsive teaching. Because of that, many educators may need to learn to integrate these critical concepts and skills on their own. That’s where this session comes and and explains the Equity and SEL Integration Framework starting with understanding and applying the core SEL competencies. Using Project Based Learning to advance equity and SEL will also be discussed.”

Join Jorge Robert Valenzuela for his session, “Strategies for Embedding Equity and SEL into PBL,” on Tuesday, March 23rd @ 6pm PST.

Dr. Edward Tse, VP of Customer Engagement @ NUITEQ, is an avid CUE fan and EDU-tuber (check out his YouTube channel here).

Dr. Tse states, “In this session I’ll talk about how relating with student interests really means being able to influence their next view or action. We will talk about how creativity is more than just drawing pictures but it is really a rebellion against the status quo through building a community and ultimately a movement.”

Dr. Tse is as ecstatic as they come about returning to Spring CUE as a presenter. He states, “Spring CUE includes many influential educators so it is an honor to be included with this community as a complete outsider. You see, my background is in computer science but I have been working on creativity and education my whole life. It’s the community and the people that really draws me to CUE every year.”

Join Dr. Edward Tse for his session, “Creativity from the Classroom to the Living Room” on Tuesday, March 23rd @ 5pm PST.

Michael Grothem, Ed Tech Coach/TOSA from Corona-Norco Unified School District, will also be presenting at this year’s conference. His session reflects on the changes to teaching during a pandemic and how this momentum can be used to focus on change beyond a return to the classroom.

Grothem states, “2020 has been the year of years, but through this session, participants will see the numerous positive benefits that have come forth during the pandemic and how those benefits can change educators and education forever. This session will inspire participants and provide concrete examples, research, resources, and connections to transform education. This is our time. Will you join me for the revolution? My audience is anyone who yearns for a change in education.”

According to Grothem, his session participants will be “led on a journey of self-discovery and educational reform.”

“It is a time for reflection and action,” he states.

Grothem is no “CUE-bie” – he’s attended Spring CUE for the last four years and is excited to be presenting this year. “CUE helped me see that I was not alone in my love for and integration of technology in education. It has inspired me as no other conference has. Being a speaker is an honor, as I am able to give back to this community and help inspire others as I have been inspired. CUE is inspiring, refreshing, and motivating,” he states.

Join Michael Grothem for his session, “2020 – The Year That Tech Saved Education and The Beginning of a Revolution,” on Tuesday, March 23rd @ 6pm PST.

About Kristin Oropeza
Kristin is a full-time special education teacher, contract consultant, and educational content writer. She is a Google Certified Teacher (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Trainer, and MIE Expert for 2020-2021.

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