CommonLit provides high quality, research-based, Common Core aligned literacy resources for grades three through twelve. And did we mention it’s all free? The materials are created for teachers by teachers and adhere to the highest of standards. This rich resource is a hidden gem.

Along with the free material, CommonLit integrates with Google Classroom for easy assigning and management. Each text has lessons that are easy to follow and track students’ progress via the online dashboard. Inside the dashboard, teachers can view the results of assignments. These assignments are broken down by question, along with the correlating standard, individual results, and class average.

When assigning content, teachers can view by grade level, genre, literary device, theme, units, and books. Searches will lead to a variety of article choices in which to choose from. Searching by unit or book will yield articles that can be used together. In units, teachers can choose from author studies or subjects. These units come with several articles and lessons that blend together. Need to pair a short text article to enhance the learning of the novel your class is reading? No problem! CommonLit has articles that complement several classic novels.

When students work online, accessibility features are available. They are given the opportunity to highlight, look up words in a dictionary, translate words as needed, and have text-to-speech capabilities. These features help students through the guided questions, where they have multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding, and the assessment questions.

Teachers are given a variety of resources to accompany the assignment. Teachers can view, discuss, or assign paired texts or related media. Parents also have the opportunity to stay connected with their child’s learning through Parent Guide, which teachers can share with families. This resource can be shared with parents by the teacher. It informs parents of the learning and ways to be involved; through asking questions and viewing videos that relate to the topic.

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