Fall CUE ChampsWe’re back this week from what was another exciting, engaging Fall CUE conference! Whether you participated in-person or joined from afar, we were honored to be a part of this event that encourages all to LEARN, INSPIRE, and INNOVATE!

top playersThis year, over 235 educators from 86 school districts played the Fall CUE Champion Game. Seventy-seven players completed the level to earn the Champion title, and our Top 5 players had perfect scores and completed every activity and mission! WOW!

The top-scoring districts were:

  • Mt. Diablo Unified
  • Union Elementary
  • Campbell Union
  • Alisal Union
  • Alum Rock Union Elementary

prizesCongratulations to all of our Champions! Get ready for the #cuechat drawing on November 7, where winners will be selected for:

  • A CUE Rockstar Camp registration of the winner’s choice
  • 3-month Alludo trial – PD gamification for your district
  • A selection of books from educational innovators, like Alice Keeler and more!

Reviewing the game evidence has given us some insight into the impact of FALL CUE. Here’s what some of our players had to say:

“Wow! So many take-aways from the opening session & keynote with Brad [Montague]! One take-away is that I am important, my students are important, and YOU are important. I will row out of the sea of doubt and sing loudly! Why? Because it’s a joyful rebellion!”

“Many memorable moments. Can live off this positive energy for a long time.”

“Pernille [Ripp] had so many inspirational sayings, she was really an impressive speaker. Thank you.”

Ed Note- This post originally appeared on the Alludo Learning Blog on November 2, 2017. Thank you to the Alludo Team for allowing us to cross-post your fantastic piece. If you are a CUE member and your affiliate has a blog, please email blog@cue.org and we’ll cross-post your blog here as well. Together we grow. 


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