Your students know it, science knows it: video games are a naturally engaging, entertaining and personalized way to learn. But how can you tell which ones are educational enough? Which ones fit your curriculum? And most importantly, which ones are actually fun?

TeacherGaming is a Finnish edtech company dedicated to answering these questions for you.

Why You Should Care

Games are entering the classroom at an unparalleled rate. With the success of titles such as Minecraft: Education Edition and KerbalEdu, both originally TeacherGaming projects, game-using teachers are no longer a minority. In fact, 74% of U.S. K-8 teachers report using digital games in their classroom!

Especially when dealing with abstract, difficult to grasp topics such as astrophysics or simply basic fractions, games can be a godsend. What better way to wrap your head around celestial distances than building your own galaxies?

There are hurdles, of course. Purely educational games often lack the budget and ambition of commercial games kids know and love, but adapting mainstream games to classroom use is tough and takes time. The team over at TeacherGaming has devoted themselves to the latter.

Introducing TeacherGaming Desk

TeacherGaming’s flagship product, TeacherGaming Desk, is an online subscription service that serves as a one-click solution for any teacher looking to incorporate gaming into their school day.

TeacherGaming employs a team of K-12 teachers who hand-pick mainstream games with great educational and entertainment value, and the subscription service now includes over 35 teacher-approved titles. These are supercharged for school use with hundreds of hours of ready-made lesson plans for appropriate age groups and subjects, including but not limited to languages, math, science and social studies. What’s more, new games and content are constantly being added, and a feature for letting teachers create, edit and share their own lessons is in the works!

The pedagogical cherry on top is TeacherGaming’s teacher dashboard that lets educators track their students’ progress in real time. Their learning analytics correlate in-game activities with real-life skills and learning outcomes, and these skills are transferable between different games. No more guesswork for you!

What We Can Offer

TeacherGaming is currently looking for teachers eager to try out their service and is happy to offer CUE teachers free, no-strings-attached trials. The first fifteen educators to sign up will receive unlimited access to all of their games and content until the end of 2018, and those who come after can still bag one month’s free trial!

All trials kick off with a personalized, 15-minute onboarding call, in which a member of the TeacherGaming team runs through the basics of using the Desk with you, and can help identify and support personal teaching goals with the right games and lesson plans.

If you are interested in a trial, please start by picking a time for your onboarding call. You can book your slot through TeacherGaming’s online booking system here. Harnessing the power of games has never been easier!

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