When I think back to the days I was working to earn my California teaching credential through the University of San Francisco, I am reminded of all the wonderings and worries I had. Am I in the right program? What happens if I change my mind and want to teach something else? Should I get a multiple-subject or single subject credential… or both!?

become a teacherI’m so excited to share the resources for new and aspiring educators provided through TeachingDegree.org. You can simply explore their recently published series of guides detailing the process of obtaining a teaching degree and certificate in each state, including California.

You may find our guides to financial aid and elementary education programs interesting. Teachers with these degrees are in high demand.

While California excels in other areas with programs such as California Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Program, it suffers from a shortage of teachers in the special education and science disciplines. The U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Shortage Areas Nationwide Listings Report shows grade levels in California from pre-k to 12th are in need of well-trained teachers.

Satisfy your curiosities and get informed while also noting the opportunities in front of you. Being an educator has never been more exciting, inspiring, and truly impactful. Make a difference and help a teacher today!

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