Augmented and virtual reality is beginning to make its way into movies, gaming and many genres within education.  Educators have been finding ways to enhance lessons with virtual solar systems that allow students to explore the entire Milky Way within their hands to reimage spaces using #DesignThinking without the need to alter that space.

Major technology companies have also been investing in AR/VR recently including @googlearvr that allows students to immersive themselves into amazing new worlds of their own creations.  Students can now immerse themselves in locations we as educators could only offer in a 2-dimensional video format.  To see some of these examples, head over to #GoogleExpeditions and see what others or doing in their classrooms.

So with limited technology budgets and space in the classroom down to a premium, what is today’s innovative educator to do?  Jamie Donally recently wrote an article for eSchool News titled 5 Easy, Low-cost Ways to do AR & VR in your Classroom.

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