It was only about 35 years ago that artificial intelligence (AI) and “thinking machines” were fodder for Arnold Schwarzenegger films. Now it seems AI is making its way into the classrooms of today.

In an article published for EdSurge, writer Danielle Dreilinger discusses how AI developers such as ReadyAI are now creating curriculum and resources aimed at empowering K-12 students to use AI technology to cultivate social change.

But ReadyIA is not the only company hoping to spearhead the AI revolution in K-12 education. According to Dreilinger’s article, “ISTE and AI4All are [also] developing separate curricula with support from General Motors and Google, respectively.” And with AI kits moderately priced at $2,999 (for a kit that includes Cozmo robots, tablets, laptops and game controllers), AI for students is no longer a far-fetched movie plot.

To read more from Dreilinger, visit EdSurge. To find out more about ReadyAI’s program and products, visit ReadyAI.


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