Just this week, our CUE team heard from Arthur Luehrmann. If you don’t know who he is, give this a read!

In his email, he writes:

Kiewit Computation Center
Arthur W. Luehrmann, Jr.

“Back in 1979, I was in charge of the new computer education program at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley when I first learned about CUE. It was my view then and still that teachers and schools should take the lead in making computing part of the curriculum. It has now happened.

I started going to CUE conferences and was an invited speaker a few times in the Bay Area and Southern California. Thrilling times, when we were all pioneering! Later I began writing books for students and teachers to use in their new computer classes. A group of us formed a publishing company, Computer Literacy Press, to get the books in schools, and we were often vendors at CUE in the eighties. It was all very exhilarating.”

So, won’t you please join us in welcoming back Arthur and so many of the CUE Pioneers as we celebrate CUE’s 40th Anniversary? If you are attending Spring CUE 2018, keep your eyes peeled for anyone donning the 40th Anniversary “Pioneer Button.” Take a moment to shake hands, introduce yourself, take a selfie, and celebrate the vision and innovation of so many amazing educators!

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