Virtual Spring CUE kicks off this week with a line-up of amazing keynotes, over 400 sessions for every edu-niche, and an entire week of “CUE-mmunity” building activities to join in on. These nightly activities – happening in the later evening hours – range from CUE’s first eSports tournament to a trivia night to virtual karaoke and more!

Check out the After Hours line-up below for more event specific information and join in on the fun!

CUE eSports Rocket League Tournament

March 15th – 17th

CUE eSports present the SpringCUE Rocket League 2 on 2 tournament! Come join the FREE tournament and see why Rocket League is fast becoming the favorite esports game to be played in education! In this game, you ride beefed-up go-carts to score points by scoring a goal with a big ball. Yes, it is Mario Kart meets Soccer. Put a team of two together and join us in this fun free event. Who can be your partner? Anyone! Grab a son, daughter student, or fellow teacher, and let’s get our game on! 

Stump the Rockstar

Friday, March 19th at 8pm PST

Join us for the gameshow-styled event called Stump the Rockstar! This fun event will be hosted by Ryan O’Donnell and Brian Briggs, hosts of the Check This Out podcast. Ryan and Brian will quiz a panel of CUE Rockstars on various topics and predicaments you will find in a K-12 classroom. Join us and just maybe you will be plucked out of the audience to join the panel! 

Virtual Karaoke Hosted by Coach CUE

Saturday, March 20th at 8pm PST

Just because we are distant doesn’t mean we can’t come together and what better way to come together than with some karaoke! Join us for this amazing virtual event hosted by CoachCUE. Participate as a performer or join the audience cheering on your favorite edu-singer. We can’t promise you will hear your favorite song, but we can promise you will have a rockin’ good time!

Silent Disco Hosted by Midnight Pedagogy

Sunday, March 21st at 8pm PST

Join us for a night of Disco — Silent Disco that is! In this fun evening with friends, Midnight Pedagogy will host different breakout rooms with different music that will fit everyone’s taste. Turn up your speakers, turn off your mic, and get wild in the most silent of ways! 

Among Us Game Night Hosted by KernCUE 

Wednesday, March 24th at 8pm PST

Join us for a night of community as we pass the time playing the hottest game of 2020 – Among Us! In this collaborative game of who done it, you must work together to complete tasks all the while trying to find out who among us is the imposter sabotaging your ship. It’s part critical thinking, part collaboration, ALL FUN! 

CharCUEterie Night Hosted by CVCUE

Thursday, March 25th at 8pm PST

Share your Lunchables, charcuterie boards, or whatever snacks and beverages you have on hand as you mingle with other educators, find out what’s going on in the CUEmmunity. After mingling and chatting about SpringCUE, we’ll be running a super low-key UnConference where you can toss out some topics that you’re interested in learning about (or are an expert in) and we’ll create some breakout rooms for folks to have some focused learning and networking time.

CUE 80’s Trivia Night

Friday, March 26th at 9pm PST

Dust off your parachute pants and put on your satin jacket – it’s time for 80s trivia. The raddest decade of them all is back to test your knowledge of films, music, games, and of course – CUE history! It’s time to party all the time, wear our sunglasses at night, and see if you are the Top Gun of 80s knowledge! 

About Kristin Oropeza
Kristin is a full-time special education teacher, contract consultant, and educational content writer. She is a Google Certified Teacher (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Trainer, and MIE Expert for 2020-2021.

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