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Episode 10: League of Mightiest Schoology Heroes

In Episode 10 Scott shares how he got started using Twitter one-year ago at the Schoology Next Conference.

Inpreperation for This year’s Schoology Next conference, we chat with 6 of the Schoology Ambassadors including Philip Pulley, Melissa Riggs, Denise Shovlin, Liz Lubeskie, Jerilyn McConchie, and Scott Nunes to share about why they use Schoology, differences from other LMS and CMS (Google Classroom), pro tips, and wish lists.

Tech Avengers: Philip Pulley from IL @PhilipPulley; Melissa Riggs from CO @RiggsRealWorld; Denise Shovlin from PA @Ms_Schovlin_DASD; Liz Lubeskie from PA @LizLubeskie; Jerilyn McConchie from TX @macnbeans; and Scott Nunes from CA @MrNunesteach

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We love CUE not just because we both serve as board members for Central California CUE, but because CUE is like family!

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We are still all in this summer–We have knocked out ISTE 2019, and Matthew has participated in the NEA, TCE, and  CS in Sac conferences!

Now we gear up for Schoology Next in Boca Raton, Florida!


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