Later this week I will be attending the Fall CUE conference here in Northern California. I believe it is my 7th or 8th of this in a row… you see I’m a bit of a tech conference junkie!

I am leading a few sessions this year. One titled “#CreateWithChromebooks” and another more about just Google Slides titled I Didn’t Know Google Slides Could Do That?

A third session I have is a little new to me as it is one geared more towards education leaders, admin, TOSA’s, etc. It is titled Connect With Your Community and Develop Your School’s Brand and in it, I am helping to demonstrate ways anyone can help promote and celebrate what they are doing in the schools and districts. I will be showing how to create and expand your social media presence as well as focus on more traditional communications tools as well. But I will also be touching on the power of podcasts.

I have a two-fold plan of what I want to do

1) Show them podcasts, in fact, specific episodes, which they should listen to in order to learn and/or be inspired

Here is a list of some of the episodes that really connected with me for some reason or another 


2) Show them how they can make a podcast themselves with as little as the phone in their pocket

Should be fun!

Ed Note- This post originally appeared on the Ryan O’Donnell’s personal blog, “My ‘Force Myself to Be Creative’ Blog”. Thank you to Ryan for allowing us to cross-post your fantastic piece. If you are a CUE member and your affiliate has a blog, please email blog@cue.org and we’ll cross-post your blog here as well. Together we grow. 

ryan o'donnellRyan O’Donnell is a Technology Teacher on Special Assignment and high school teacher in Rocklin, California. He has been teaching since 1997 and has been an advocate for all things “tech” since he first began teaching. Along with teaching, he’s presented at technology and social studies strategies workshops in his district and throughout the country as a trainer for Teacher Created Materials. He is on the board of CapCUE and enjoys family time with his wife and two daughters.

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