3Doodler – a 3D printing product company that produces and sells 3D doodler pens – recently spotlighted Naomi Harm. Harm, a “leader in STEM education,” hosted a series of events this past summer titled “Summer Tech Splash” where teachers and students worked collaboratively to build prototypes of a self-driving car.

Harm stated that one of her main goals is to “provide innovative education for teachers and administrators that aligns to the ISTE standards.” She does so by offering summer STEM learning events, based on teacher and student needs and/or requests. This year in particular, Harm stated that her organization “focused on maximizing creativity, collaboration and communication through STEM design thinking activities.”

Workshop attendees got to participate in several hands-on activities, including the experience of creating a self-driving car prototype with 3Doodler Start and Create pens.

According to Harm, “Attendees worked in groups through an assembly line scenario, and each participant had a specific task that contributed to the self-driving car prototype. Everyone was actively involved and played a part in the success of the final product. Car stencils were provided as an option to assist with building the car structure, and to inspire design ideas. Some attendees decided to sketch out their own original designs to build their car from to make it truly unique.”

If you’re interested in trying out Harm’s lesson and have 3D doodle pens in your classroom, check out her lesson guide here.

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