As I was creating and titling a document for blog ideas, in preparation for writing this post, I typed April Blog 2081, and thought . . . 2081! . . .oops! . . . wow, I wonder . . . what will CUE be like in 2081?

I’m sure there will be some super cool, unfathomable tech in the vendor hall and the playgrounds. Hmm, will there be a vendor hall or will it simply be some kind of holographic chamber that you can hop into, to experience VR demos of every single product? Will Sched be an AI companion with whom you interact with as you head to your next session or experience? It’s fun to look back at the technological advances that have happened over the past 60 years and try to peer into the future and conjecture what could be, but it also got me thinking about what wouldn’t change. What are the mainstays of CUE? What will continue on despite the ever-changing evolution of technology?

I truly hope that the elements of CUE that have drawn us to it remain and continue to draw members in 60+ years from now, especially community. I am truly blessed to be part of a community that is so welcoming, constantly encouraging, and endlessly sharing resources.

What makes CUE the CUE for you? What has drawn you to CUE and kept you coming back? What do you hope members are experiencing 60+ years from now?

Editor’s Note: This is cross-posted from the San Gabriel Valley CUE blog.

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