As a long time CUE fangirl, I have spent many hours organizing and crafting my speaker submissions so that I can ensure the best chances of getting accepted and sharing my ideas with the larger CUE audience. Some years I’m way ahead of the game, others I am frantically putting details together in the eleventh hour. I’ve been right where you are, and it can be stressful.

As a 15 year educator in K-12 education, I’ve also lived the reality of the last few weeks of school more times than I’d like to remember. Grades are due, classrooms need to be packed for the summer, and parents and students are pulling on me to give them answers to questions that could have been answered weeks before. Couple all that with graduations, end-of-year parties, and pure exhaustion, and there is your typical May and June in the life of an educator.

We get it. After all, the CUE staff is comprised of 63% classroom teachers. So why the rush on the Fall and Spring Speaker Submission deadline this year?

What’s up with that?!

Let us explain…

The timeline is funky this year. It won’t be the same moving forward. This is the first time we are combining submission windows for Fall and Spring CUE Conferences, so while the Fall submission due date is no different than the past, the Spring submission due date is definitely earlier. We couldn’t get around this if we wanted to have one submission window. (PS. Starting next year, the window will run longer with our new system and cycle! Woop!)

Ok… so why is there one submission window that’s coming earlier in the year if it’s putting a crunch on the presenters?

  1. One submission window means we can ask our CUE volunteer readers to spend time on one set of submissions instead of two. This not only saves precious volunteer time, but it also ensures that sessions submitted for both conferences get the same “read.” While this doesn’t guarantee automatic acceptance into both conferences, it does mean that your session will receive the same evaluation.
  2. This earlier deadline means we can give our CUE speakers access to hotel rooms earlier. If you have ever felt the HIGH of being accepted as a speaker and then a LOW after realizing there aren’t any close hotel rooms open, then you understand how much of an advantage this truly is.
  3. This earlier deadline also means we can give our CUE conference attendees a Schedule to view much earlier. This helps attendees secure district POs sooner and allows for bulk registration to happen faster, as well. Plus, if you aren’t sure if you’ll make it to the event, having access to the speaker list and sessions is wildly helpful in making that decision. We want to make sure all eyes are wide open!

As a CUE Staff, Conference Planning Committee, and Board, we have spent a lot of time transitioning out of antiquated submission systems as well as revising and releasing submission rubrics, live data, and helpful resources. We know this isn’t perfect, but we are working to make this off-year as smooth as possible.

That said, we are grateful for both the positive and constructive feedback, and we are listening. In the end, #WeAreCUE and we absorb the community highs and lows as you feel them. Thank you for being open to our process and trusting us. We really do have the best intentions at the core of our actions.

So, are you ready to submit! CLICK HERE!


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