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Special Interest Groups

CUE has seven active Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Each maintains a list-serv of its membership, providing a vital link to the community of CUE Members with similar interests and expertise.  Any current CUE Member may join one or all of the SIGs at no additional expense by logging in and editing their profile to include the SIG(s) of their choice. Only current members may post to the SIG. NOTE: it may take up to one month for your membership to be added to the SIG list-serv.

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Administrators SIG coming soon:
Michael Simkins:

Barbara Barreda ::

Jason Borgen::
Liaison: Brumbaugh

The mission of the Administrators' SIG is to encourage school administrators at all levels (site, district, county, and state) to take an active role in planning, implementing, and evaluating the use of instructional technology in our schools. In addition to semi-annual meetings held in conjunction with the CUE Conferences, our listserv offers a network of several hundred administrators who provide support to one another and the Web page offers links to additional resources as well as a membership directory.

  eLearning SIG (el SIG)
Chris Bell :: and Rob Darrow ::
Liaison: Craven

The mission of the eLearning SIG (the California chapter of the North American Council for Online Learning [NACOL]) is to increase educational opportunities and enhance learning through collaborative expertise and leadership in online teaching and learning.



Higher Education (formerly Teacher Educators) SIG
Dr. Lesley Farmer ::

Liaison: Brumbaugh

The Higher Education SIG's mission is to serve the broad College and University faculty within CUE's membership. We seek to connect faculty and staff at public and private colleges and universities, to inspire and nourish a dynamic, cutting-edge, collegial network of professionals dedicated to excellence in higher education through the effective and appropriate use of technology for teaching and learning


Independent Schools SIG
Dennis Grice :: and Vicki Sedgwick ::
Liaison: Chavez


The intent of the CUE Independent Schools SIG is to support educators of all levels, including pre-K through higher education, in the implementation, use, and integration of technology in their schools. Independent schools include private, parochial, k-12, and higher education organizations.

Library Media Educators SIG |

Pam Oehlman :: and

Glen Warren ::

Liaison: Rowell 


The mission of the CUE Library Media Educators SIG is to promote an expanded understanding of the unique and essential role of LMTs in educating the school community, and to provide opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. Some of the specific activities include publicizing our work, partnering with other educators, training ourselves and others in information literacy and technology, and supporting each other.

Technology Coordinators SIG

Martin Cisneros :: and Tim Landeck ::

Liaison: TBD

The mission of the CUE Technology Coordinators SIG is to bring technology leaders together in a supportive and productive environment. The SIG meets at each CUE Conference and is an open forum for all technology leaders to share experiences and resources that will assist in making all of our jobs more effective and efficient.

Video in the Classroom SIG
TBD ::

Liaison: Shelton

The VIC (Video in the Classroom) SIG is made up of individuals from all different facets of education who want to play an active role in increasing the presence of multimedia educational experiences in all classrooms. We are all bound by our passion for using multimedia as a great equalizer in our schools. When used properly, video can capture a student's imagination, increase their motivation, spur their creativity, and open doors for future success that otherwise may have  remained closed. We hope to expand video opportunities through continued interaction with like-minded professionals, both electronically and through CUE-related events.  

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Nearly all of the CUE SIG listservs are generously hosted by the K12 High Speed Network and Imperial County Office of Education, with the exception of the Admin SIG, which is hosted by TICAL and Video in the Classroom SIG, which hosts their own.